The Fukushima Syndrome: A choice between truth or violence

by Elisabeth Peredo Beltrán, Solon Foundation, La Paz, Bolivia

The planet is changing dramatically in a way that is “not natural”… When we talk about “human intervention”, it implies that we all impact on the planet. This is almost a neomalthusian position, which frames the cause of the crisis as one of population growth, forgetting to mention the structural causes such as the model of production and consumption, and the ways in which resources are unequally and unjustly distributed, and where elites in both North and South without doubt are causing the main devastation to our planet…. It ignores as well the existence of thousands of cultures, peoples, and practices in the world that are opposed to this vision of pillage, who maintain sustainable practices that respect biological and ecological diversity, and who have an unappreciated potential to restore the necessary balance to our planet….Fukushima is one of those events that has shaken us because it has questioned the whole principle that sustains neoliberal and developmental capitalism: “That everything can be fixed by money, science and technology”.

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