Mr Monbiot’s mistaken metaphor?

Posted on December 19, 2011 by robertkyriakides

George Monbiot is arguing that “they bailed out the banks in days. But even deciding to bail out the planet is taking decades.” Unfortunately Mr Monbiot’s is accurate but perhaps not in the sense that Mr Monbiot writes.

Bailing out a boat is the metaphor used. In the case of the banks “they” have bailed out some water, but they have not fixed the leaks which let the water in. The banks are still in a parlous condition, still leaking and will require considerable bailing out in future until the vessel of the banks is actually fixed, mended and made leak proof.

Read Robert Kyriakides blog post

[George Monbiot’s posting (linked above) is worth reading, as his figures on the costs of bank bailouts vs planet “bailout” are very sobering. – Bob]

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