ATTAC Germany: 12 lines of flight for a just degrowth

Alexis J. Passadakis & Matthias Schmelzer
Attac Germany, 23 November 2010

1.) Our goal: Social rights – global and concrete
2.) Nature is limited and resistant
3.) Decoupling is not possible
4.) “Leur récession n’est pas notre décroissance!”
5.) …and your austerity is not our degrowth!
6.) There is no good growth, only a good life!
7.) Goodbye, Keynes – good morning Keynes and beyond…
8.) Reduce production, shorten working hours, redistribute wealth, regulate investment
9.) Beyond capitalism
10.) Buen vivir beyond tradition and modernity
11.) Trans-communalism instead of post-democracy
12.) The horizon of degrowth

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