Cuba’s oil potential: Blessing or Curse?

CUBA: Oil Drilling Opens Up New Possibilities
By Patricia Grogg

HAVANA, Feb 16, 2012 (IPS) – The search for oil in Cuba’s Gulf of Mexico waters, launched by the Spanish firm Repsol, has triggered speculation about future prospects for Cuba and the possibility of this country one day making the transition from importer to exporter of crude… Moreover, given its strategic importance for both the United States and Cuba, some analysts believe that energy offers a potential area for cooperation that could eventually help pave the way to the normalisation of relations between the two countries.

Scientists hope transplants will revive coral reef off Fort Lauderdale
February 15, 2012|By William E. Gibson, Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON – Marine scientists on Friday plan to begin transplanting about 100 basketball-size corals from an onshore nursery to a damaged reef off the shores of Fort Lauderdale… Scientists and federal officials hope such transplants will help save the reefs — and a wide array of marine life in Florida and elsewhere — from disease, global warming, ship traffic, pollution and potential oil spills… This research is especially timely because of widespread concerns about offshore oil drilling that began last month off the north coast of Cuba about 56 miles from Florida.

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