Royal Roads Regional De-growth Preparatory Workshop March 30th

De-growth: A Critical Juncture? A Robert Bateman Critical Conversation

Centre for Dialogue, Royal Roads University
March 30th, 2012

On March 30th, 2012, a regional workshop exploring the de-growth movement and alternatives to constant economic growth will be held Royal Roads University. Led by Professor Ann Dale, Canada Research Chair at Royal Roads University, this is the second forum for conversation held as a part of the Robert Bateman Critical Conversations series, an initiative run through partnership between the Community Research Connections program and the Robert Bateman Centre. The workshop will feature virtual and face-to-face panels representing a diversity of perspectives, expertise and experiences drawing from economics, sustainable development, ecology and governance. Bringing together researchers, practitioners and civil society leaders from across the country, we aim to begin a critical dialogue on the implications of de-growth for Canada, and to develop a white paper to inform the International Conference on Degrowth in the Americas held in Montreal, May 13th to 19th, at McGill University.

Although the workshop itself is by invitation only, we have developed a webpage for the the Regional De-growth Preparatory Workshop containing the details and context for this event. Over the next months following the event, this webpage will house links to videos and papers produced to capture the ideas brought forth in the workshop discussions.

Workshop schedule and Toronto, Montreal and Winnipeg virtual regional roundtable panels

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