Latin America: Towards a new sense of history

by Anibal Quijano
FEDAEPS, 17 March 2011
Translated by Bob Thomson, 7 April 2012
First published in Civilizational change and Good Living, FEDAEPS, Quito, August 2010

We are in a raging crisis, which at the same time brings together global climate change and the fiercest capitalist financial crisis, which is essentially confused with the global crisis of the capitalist system itself. These two major crises, climate – i.e. what is happening to what we call nature – and the global financial system, which strikes at the whole apparatus of capital accumulation, are neither separate nor “natural.” What is happening to nature, so-called “global climate change” is a product of what our species has been doing on Earth, i.e. a process of destroying the very conditions of life on the planet.

This isn’t an accident, it’s an example of the power matrix within which we live, and which also lives in us; of how capital and world capitalism have been developing, a increasingly perverse trend, ever more technocratic, in which what only and finally counts is how to use everything, absolutely everything, as a commodity and, as a result, to make profit the sole and exclusive end: every view of history focused on commodities and the profits from them.

Read the entire article here

Publicado en: Sumak Kawsay/Buen Vivir y cambios civilizatorios, 2da Ed., Coord. Irene León, FEDAEPS, Quito, 2010, p. 55-71

Original Spanish version

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