SID article: Is growth good for women?

Society for International Development: As a follow up to the online launch of Development 55.3 ‘Gender and Economic Justice’, additional interviews and opinion pieces are being published in this week in DevelopmentPLUS.

IN DEPTH: Elissa Braunstein, Colorado State University
Gender, growth and employment

Is growth good for women? There is extensive literature that documents the positive impact that growth has had on a variety of measures of womens’ well-being including education, life expectancy, the UN’s Gender Development Index. But even if we take the literature on the positive impacts, we still need to question if growth is good for women in the context of the neo-liberal macroeconomic policy environment, particularly from an employment perspective. The hypothesized pathways between growth and gender equality in employment may be dramatically weakened by the neo-liberal macroeconomic policy context in which they are drawn.

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