Beppe Grillo interview: Degrowth in Italy??

Is Beppe Grillo talking about degrowth? I don’t know, but this makes interesting reading.

Until recently, Beppe Grillo was simply a successful comedian. But these days, the powerful in Italy — and beyond — fear Grillo The Protest Leader. In Italy’s recent election, young people catapulted his nascent Five Star Movement (M5S) to political power as it gained over 25% of the vote. And, Grillo tells Metro in an exclusive interview, this is just the beginning of a worldwide revolution….

“To keep talking about growth, GDP and spending reviews is a crime against humanity. We need to sit down and reconsider it all. M5S is a concept: finding a meaning to the identity that doesn’t exist in Italy anymore, giving a meaning to the state that doesn’t exist anymore. Bureaucracy has replaced democracy, and finance has replaced economy. We need to find a meaning to the word ‘work’. It’s no longer to keep thinking of the economy in terms of GDP growth, doing more things, then destroying them, sell them away and destroy them again….

“This is a movement, but also a community. And we need to change the language of politics. The guiding words should be solidarity, community, nobody left behind, not “spending review, GDP, 3%, vote of confidence”.

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