Proceedings: New Economy Summit – UBC, Vancouver – 4-6 April 2013

Videos of the sessions of the New Economy Summit held at UBC in Vancouver April 4-6 are now posted on the conference web site.

The sessions were taped by the Extraenvironmentalist and are posted on their web site as well. Their version describes each video briefly and provides notes about the speakers. The conference web site postings at this time are often unidentified opening screen shots with no description of which session it pertains to. The Extraenvironmentalist site also loads much faster.

Many of the 12 videos are over an hour long, some over 2 hours.

For those who were unable to attend and have the time to view the videos, this is a valuable resource. For those preferring text, David Korten has provided a 13 page text outline of his 50 minute keynote presentation.

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