Video Special: Farewell to the growth society

Karin de Miguel Wessendorf, Heinrich Böll Foundation, 31 January 2013

During economic downturns, the debate about the limits of growth becomes increasingly important. Experts have long warned that crises are inevitable in growth-oriented societies, as infinite growth is not possible in a finite world. The “décroissance” movement, which originated in France, proposes a departure from the model of a society based on a perpetually growing economy. Advocates of “decroissance” argue against growth in favour of “having less to live better” and propose an economic degrowth. This not only means a reduction in consumption, production and resource use, it also calls for a fundamental rethinking and restructuring of our coexistence and a move toward a society characterized by autonomy, frugality and solidarity. The movement is gaining followers in the crisis-shaken countries of southern Europe. The people there are questioning a system that has not kept its promise of prosperity, and are experimenting with alternative forms of economic and social organization.

Experiments with alternative forms of economic and social organization
Barter markets
Degrowth: research and real-world application

R&D (Research & Degrowth) Barcelona and Can Decreix

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