Do Turkish youth want degrowth?

Other News 10 June 2013

Ensuring your people’s prosperity is no longer enough to avoid being challenged. Turkey is due to record 3.2 per cent growth in 2013 and 4 per cent growth in 2014, according to European Commission forecasts, as compared to -0.4 per cent and 1.2 per cent for the Eurozone respectively But hundreds of thousands of people have come out into the street to challenge the politics and power of Prime Minister Erdoğan. And the demonstrations seem to be here to stay… The demonstrators in Taksim Square have just reminded us that the AKP’s project is setting out a particular path in line with Turkey’s multiple and sometimes contradictory identities. As a bridge between two continents, a crossroads for several cultures, Muslim, post-Ottoman and Kemalist. For 10 years, advocates of Turkey’s accession to the EU have confused the modernisation policy led by Erdoğan with a desire to “Europeanise” his country… Except if you believe [or don’t] that European civilisation can be boiled down to economic growth and new shopping centres.. . Turkish youth, open to the world … has experienced the results of the growth driven by Erdoğan [yet] is leading the conflict against him. This is because it aspires to a quality of life that cannot be boiled down to opportunities. This youth and the demonstrators of all ages who follow it, are worried about the environment, want to escape the clutches of religion and wants to be listened to and respected by the authorities.

Listen to the music of Turkish protest v=o-kbuS-anD4&feature=youtube_gdata_player

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