Quito declaration on ecosocialism and ‘buen vivir’

On June 10-12, Ecuador’s National Institute of Advanced Studies (IAEN, Spanish acronym) held an international symposium on Crisis of civilization, ecosocialism and ‘buen vivir’ . (“Buen Vivir” is usually translated as “living well,” but its meaning is closer to “living appropriately.”)

Over three days, the participants debated among themselves and discussed issues with the organizers and government representatives, focusing on the potentials, challenges, difficulties and ambiguities of the “citizens’ revolution” that is being led by President Correa and his team.

The following declaration, adopted by the participants on the final day, has been translated from Spanish by Richard Fidler.

We believe that in order to support and strengthen the ecosocialist initiatives of the left governments (sometimes more ambiguously termed “progressive”) in Latin America, the key questions of course pertain to overcoming the post-colonial situations of poverty and exclusion. However, we argue that confronting these huge social needs cannot justify an extractivist neodevelopmentalism that ignores other fundamental challenges:

Read the declaration at

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