The Difficulty of Looking at Just Climate Change

Rebecca Solnit, (The Difficulty of) Looking at Climate Change
October 6 2013

The changes required to address climate change are colossal, but they are made up of increments and steps and stages that are more than possible.

Unfortunately, when it comes to climate change, there is not paper enough on this planet to properly scale up a story to the right size. If you gave it the complete front page to suggest its import, you would then have to print the rest of the news at some sort of nanoscale and include an electron microscope for reading ease. Column Inches, Glacial Miles

To understand climate change, you need to translate figures into impacts, to think about places you’ll never see and times after you’re gone. Climate change is taking hundreds of thousands of lives every year in complex ways whose causes and effects are difficult to follow. But climate change generally isn’t the headline on those stories.

Bottom line: Our house is on fire. Rather than argue about how fast it’s burning, we need to start throwing buckets of water. There are buckets and bucket brigades. For example, the movement to get everyone to divest their holdings of fossil-fuel stocks could have major consequences.

The degrowth movement’s critique of our destructive modern social and industrial metabolism, and it’s research into new (or old) ways of sustainable, ethical and moral governance, production and consumption goes beyond the fossil-fuel divestment issue presented in this article. But it’s an important issue and this article is well worth reading.

Read it here

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