Climate crisis: The rich don’t want solutions

The roots of degrowth are fed by the impacts of climate change, which are the result of our excessive societal and industrial metabolism. The latest IPCC report is feeding awareness (I hope) of a new degrowth diet craze, or perhaps more appropriately, a new world “nutritional” Paradigm.

From Ian Angus April 6, 2014


The latest IPCC report inadvertently shows that corporations and their governments are determined to avoid protecting the poor from climate change.

Last week the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change published its latest report on Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability. The full report is over 2500 pages long, which means that even people who are very interested in this will only read the 44-page Summary for Summary for Policymakers Policymakers that was produced by the final Working Group meeting in Yokahama, just hours before the full report was released.

That’s better than reading nothing, but unlike the main report, the Summary is written and edited by politicians and bureaucrats, and their priorities aren’t necessarily scientific. Over the years, the Summaries have consistently been more conservative, more cautious, than the Reports they summarize.

That being so, it’s very significant that the latest Summary includes very blunt warnings about the dangers that climate change poses. The situation is so serious that even government do-nothings can’t hide it.

BUT … as the following comments show, very important material was omitted from the Summary. The author is a professional writer who lives on the west coast of the U.S., who writes for AmericaBlog under the pen name Gaius Publicus

Read the rest of Ian’s post at the link above.

Read Gaius Publicus’ post and some of the interesting comments following it here

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