Green Growth vs Postgrowth – Where the Twain Can Meet [or can’t?!]

by Andre Reichel, 4 June 2014

In the discussions on the future of economic growth, business as usual is not an option. That alone can be regarded as good news. When the modern narrative of growth is evoked in policy debates, it is always green growth that is summoned. Green growth is sought to be resource-efficient, low-carbon and socially inclusive. Green growth is the key strategy to battle climate change, bring eco-friendly development to emerging countries, renew economic structures in industrialized nations and produce robust jobs for a changing world. And it will also probably save the whales. If green growth is such a wonderful thing, in line with everything everyone could possible want – economically, ecologically, socially – why isn’t it happening everywhere big time?

This article was originally published by Dr André Richiel on 17 December 2013.

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