Spanish materials on degrowth, beyond development and “buen vivir”

For those who read Spanish, two interesting links have just come from the Degrowth Reading Group List at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

A book “Beyond Development” (Más allá del Desarrollo) – 323 pages, published by the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation Mexico office in 2012 and written by the Grupo Permanente de Trabajo sobre Alternativas al Desarrollo (Permanent Working Group on Alternatives to Development).

On the 26-27 of March, in Quito Ecuador, FLACSO sponsored a conference on “POS-CRECIMIENTO Y BUEN VIVIR PROPUESTAS GLOBALES PARA LA CONSTRUCCIÓN DE SOCIEDADES EQUITATIVAS Y SUSTENTABLES” (Post Development and Good Living: Global Proposals for Building Equitable and Sustainable Societies) I haven’t been able to find proceedings yet but have written to the organizers to see if they will be published.

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