Why I Couldn’t Live in Mr. Eco-Footprint’s (Bill Rees’) Future

by Geoff Dembicki in The Tyee, Vancouver June 16, 2014

It’s not [Bill Rees’] basic premise I disagree with: that the voracious resource demands of our human species far exceed Earth’s ability to meet them. Nor do I take issue with Rees’ ultimate objective: a diverse, resilient and sustainable network of local economies linked in pursuit of human equity. It’s the pathway Rees thinks necessary to achieve this future, as well as the assumptions behind it, that gives me shivers. In his belief that us ordinary people are so brainwashed by monied elites that we require “re-education” by a “World Assembly for Mutual Survival,” I sense a worldview every bit as troubling as the current one Rees seeks to replace.

Read Dr. Rees’ 20 page paper at “Avoiding Collapse: An agenda for sustainable degrowth and relocalizing the economy.”


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