Bolivian politicians reverse time

In keeping with an indigenous view of time that is not necessarily linear but cyclical, and along the lines of world map projections that show the southern hemisphere at the top instead of the bottom, this is for me a brilliant challenge to our stereotypical views of the world. I’ve found a new clock app for my phone.

Associated Press June 25, 2014

Bolivia’s leftist government is turning back the clock. Or more precisely, turning it backward. In a move tied to the hemisphere’s winter solstice, the government flipped the clock atop the Congress building this week so that, while it is still accurate, the numbers are reversed, and the hands now turn to the left. Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca said it was only logical that a clock in the Southern Hemisphere should turn in the opposite direction of a Northern Hemisphere clock. The president of Congress, Marcelo Elio, called it “a clear expression of the decolonization of the people” under President Evo Morales, the country’s first indigenous president. Victor Hugo Cardenas, a former vice president, said Mr. Morales’s clock reform elevates his vision “to the ridiculous for political ends.”

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