David de Ugarte: A critique of degrowth

A bound to be controversial piece which I found via Michel Bauwen’s blog

The degrowth arguments form a unique fabric of classic, yet socially widespread, fallacies. Together, they form an argumentative fabric as false as it is seductive, which is able to generate the illusion of rationality, propped up on our own vices and intellectual laziness. However, it’s worth making the effort and coming back around to the perspective of abundance: while capitalism is driving us towards a cliff, degrowth leads us to think like lemmings.



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1 Response to David de Ugarte: A critique of degrowth

  1. Antje says:

    Some thoughts about this important issue I’d like to share with you:

    There has to be growth!, the cancer cell says.
    More and more commodities. And more and more illness on the side of those who produce all these commodities, from Bangladesh to Berlin, from Shanghai to Chicago. Full shelves, but the people are empty and burned out. Living work is turned into dead matter. Illness expresses this process, which is in permanent progress and gaining ground. I’ve read the other day, that everyone owns 10,000 things. That’s 10,000 tombstones.
    In fantasy films: the warlock bans the life of his killed victims into items that get charged this way. In Capitalism: the commodities contain broken bones, hands chopped off by machines and bodies burned by chemicals, i.e. the illness of the producers, and therefore the commodities are valuable.
    But where change would be necessary to make an end to exploitation and capitalistic illness, there is therapy and doctoring instead, and these are commodities, too, existing also in excess: In 2012 (in Germany) 633 million pharmaceutical packages were prescribed, that are 37.9 billion daily doses. Somewhere else military tanks are mobilized against rebellious people, here the prescription pad is used. Without connecting to illness as a protesting force and without practical possibilities against doctoring and therapy nothing will ever going to change.

    See also on the internet: „Identity of Illness and Capital“ and „Iatro-Imperialism“.

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