Enric Duran, Michel Bauwens & Amir Taaki announce Fair Coop:Earth Coop for a fair economy

Fair.Coop. The Earth cooperative for a fair economy. *

Today September 17 the first open global cooperative will see the light. Its goal is to introduce an alternative to the economic system imposed by the elites. Fair.coop‘s main objectives are to produce and expand the global commons and to conduct a fair Global North – Global South redistribution of wealth. Faced with a devastating and exploitative capitalist economic system controlled by a corrupt minority, and inspired by all demonstrations and public demands seen in recent years, Fair.Coop aims to boost the transition to a new economic model in order to reduce economic and social inequality by strengthening democratic production, empowerment, and networking of groups committed to free knowledge, self-management and social justice.

Fair.coop, designed by Enric Duran (co-founder of the Catalan Integral Cooperative, CIC), and also promoted by Michel Bauwens (P2P Foundation) and Amir Taaki (Dark Wallet), among others, self-organizes in a decentralized manner through the internet and off limits from any nation-State control. It will not use any fiat currencies, and internally it will only work with Faircoin, a cryptocurrency especially suitable for trying to build a new global economic space which can unite all those who fight for a fairer economy, thus enhancing its function as a reference currency in the areas of fair trade and ethical consumption. Faircredit, a global mutual credit currency, complementary to Faircoin, will be launched after January.

As an open cooperative, anyone who shares FairCoop’s principles may become involved in it, either by providing expertise, participating in political decision-making, making financial donations or simply saving faircoins, any of this actions implies a political position, as to not continue benefiting financial elites. Individuals wishing to participate can register in FairNetwork, fair.coop‘s social network, for free, and also become full members if they show a proof of cooperation by any of the means provided for it.

Fair.coop already has some active projects which simplify faircoin saving and using, including the new “Coop Wallet” and three lines of action for redistributing funds. The Global South Fund is for redistribution focused on projects in the areas most targeted by the current system and helping regenerate global economic justice. The other two funds are the Common Good Fund and Technology Infrastructure Fund, both with the objective of prioritizing quality projects that can benefit the global commons. To begin redistribution funds for projects, Enric Duran will donate a significant amount of faircoins, to be made public shortly in a public statement.

Fair.coop website will be online today between 14h and 17h

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