Dublin 14-16 November: What does it mean to be open today?

An Irish conference with degrowth overtones

Cryptocurrencies, 3D printed goods, digital sharing – just some of the disruptive online practices and technologies that are transforming and reshaping our economy.. The commodification and commercial adoption of these disruptive technologies has also raised concerns and questions in terms of access, control and sustainability. How can we develop these practices to not only support a digital commons, but also to support more equitable and sustainable worlds? Openhere ia 3-day international festival and conference in Dublin November 14-16 2014 where online practices such as sharing, peer-production and open source meet real. world material economies… Sessions include talks, panel discussions, workshops and screenings… While there is cross over between themes, the first day of the festival, Friday, is largely focused on alternative currencies and forms of exchange. The second day, Saturday, focuses on open hardware and open source ecology. The third day, Sunday, draws these concepts together with a focus on share economies, where open source and material economies collide. A 4-day Residency with the Robin Hood Asset Management Cooperative follows this from Monday 17th – Thursday 20th of November.


Download the full programme here.

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