BBC Viewpoint: The hazards of too much stuff

After the deluge of gifts many people have exchanged at Christmas, January seems a good time for soul-searching over the Western obsession with stuff, writes trend forecaster James Wallman.

We have more stuff than we could ever need – kit we don’t use, toys we don’t play with, and clothes we don’t wear.

There might be an answer. This idea is inspired by some research that proves happiness is more likely to come from experiences rather than stuff. It’s also inspired by Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, a campaign aimed at changing school meals. But instead of helping people be healthier by nudging them to eat healthy instead of unhealthy food, as the Food Revolution does, this is an “experience revolution” that will help people be happier by nudging them to spend their time and money on experiences rather than stuff.

If more people do this, and join this “experience revolution”, they will be happier – and they are far less likely to be drowning in stuff.

James Wallman is the author of Stuffocation: Living More With Less

Read the full article here

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