When the Growth Model Fails – NYTimes.com

How to chase your tail while ignoring the first and second laws of thermodynamics. Or perhaps a good example of the ostrich line of defence.


PARIS — Economic growth is the religion of the modern world, the elixir that eases the pain of conflicts, the promise of indefinite progress. It is the solution to our perennial worries about not getting what we don’t have. And yet, at least in the West, the growth model is now as fleeting as Proust’s Albertine Simonet: Coming and going, with busts following booms and booms following busts, while an ideal world of steady, inclusive, long-lasting growth fades away.


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  1. I do believe that Jeremy Rifkin has it right. The third and last industrial revolution is upon us. It will provide a bevy of jobs, if we commit to it. But those jobs will come from setting up the infrastructure for a new energy system. Once that system is fully in place, many jobs in the traditional sectors will evaporate. We have lots to do to determine how to share the wealth and how to maximize engagement by all. He suggests that the not-for-profit sector will become much more important. To understand what the Third Industrial Revolution is about, check out this article. But in a nutshell, there are five pillars, and when all are in place, the system benefits from synergistic efficiencies. The pillars are: a switch to renewable energies, making every building a micro-power plant, incorporating energy storage technologies like hydrogen into every building, switching the transportation fleet to hydrogen fuel cell and plug-in technologies, and installing a smart grid that allows peer-to-peer sharing of energy. https://varsava.wordpress.com/2015/01/30/building-a-better-word-the-third-industrial-revolution-has-arrived/

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