Call for courses : Degrowth in Action – Climate justice – Summer School 2015 Germany

The summer school “Degrowth in action: Climate Justice“ (August 9 – 14, 2015) is a follow-up project of the 4th International Degrowth Conference last autumn, where around 3000 people came together to discuss alternatives for an ecological and equitable society. The summer school picks up the momentum of this conference and takes it to the heart of a political conflict: the Climate Action Camp, situated on the brink of the Rhineland Coalfield, the biggest source of CO₂ in Europe.

We are looking for people who can prepare a course for the summer school! The core of the summer school programme is made up of courses that take place continuously over 4 days. In addition, there is the possibility to offer two day long courses. Each day for 2,5 hours, the same group of people (about 20 – 30 people) focuses on specific topics in the field of alternative economic models or climate justice, or works on tangible approaches for putting degrowth into political practice.

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