Transhumanism and Degrowth – a false opposition?

by Alexandre Maurer.

A number of radical techno-progressivists (not all) easily agree with the criticisms of “degrowthists” on the productivist and consumerist society: the belief in an infinite growth in a finite world is absurd and dangerous. The same is true of the obsession with speed and instantaneousness. On a collective perspective, the necessity to rush toward human enhancement is questionable (and questioned by transhumanists): precipitation often leads to the precipice!

Note: When I first posted this, I hadn’t heard about “transhumanism”and thought it an interesting “dialogue”. However, I’ve since discovered that it proposes a degree of tinkering with human genetics and development of “artificial intelligence” in ways that make me think of Nazi eugenics. I therefore don’t want any readers to think that in any way I am sympathetic to transhumanism. I am not.

See the Wikipedia entry on transhumanism at


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