Well worth a read: on ‘Charters’, the Commons, and contemporary politics

This is a gracious and informative ‘epistle’— a sublime restoration of the essay form — that wends its way through the past to some very pertinent lessons for contemporary political action…

From Red Pepper via Brian Murphy


Butter, bacon and fire: reclaiming the two Great Charters
Magna Carta is only one of the two Great Charters of English Liberty– and we should reclaim them both from the conservatives and neoliberals

by Peter Linebaugh,June 2015

Butter comes from cows; bacon comes from pigs; fire from wood. These are my simplicities. That they are part of the liberties of England is my argument. Actually it requires little debate, just some reading, remembrancing and common sense. Why we don’t know this is because we don’t understand the commons. But with a bit of work we may quickly repair our injured understanding.

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