Help spread the word about Free Money Day

From: Donnie Maclurcan <donmaclurcan>
Subject: Help spread the word about Free Money Day

Date: 3 September, 2015 7:54:57 PM ADT

To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Bcc: persann

Dear Friends,


years ago, I helped start an event called Free Money Day.


from the idea that we need fun ways to explore serious issues like financial reform, global inequality and human behaviour, the event involves handing out your own money to complete strangers, and asking them to pass half on. Ocurring each September 15th (the anniversary of the Lehman Brother’s collapse, which sparked the last global financial crisis), the event has involved hundreds of people across more than 30 countries.


writing to ask for your support for this event in four simple ways. Might you be able to:

​ 1​. ReTweet our Tweet:

​ 2​. Share our Facebook post:

​ 3​. Post the link to our latest article on your LinkedIn profile:

​ ​4. Sign up to hold an event yourself:


you in advance for your support and involvement in what may be the world’s most intriguing social experiment!




Donnie Maclurcan
photo Mobile: +1 541 631 8680
Address: Ashland,

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