A debate: Is “degrowth” the right word for our alternative to growth?

From an Oxfam UK blog.

Kate Raworth, now writing the book of her brilliant ‘Doughnut Economics’ paper and blog, returns to discuss degrowth. Tomorrow, Giorgos Kallis, the world’s leading academic on degrowth, responds.

Here’s what troubles me about degrowth: I just can’t bring myself to use the word.

You’re wrong Kate, degrowth is a compelling word

You can vote on the form at the bottom/end of the second link above.

Do you think degrowth is
a) a good idea, but a bad word (Kate),
b) a good idea and a good word (Giorgos) or
c) not a good idea so the word is immaterial (me plus not sure about the politics of zero/negative growth)

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