Roberto Savio is an Italian-Argentine journalist. Co-founder and former Director General of Inter Press Service (IPS). In recent years he also founded Other News, a service that provides “information markets eliminate”. Other News. In Spanish: http://www.other-news.info/noticias/ In English: http://www.other-net.info/

This outlook for 2016 is one I think all readers of the Degrowth Canada “blog” would find interesting and useful so I’m linking it here. You may wish to subscribe to the Other-News twice daily key emails as they are always enlightening.

We created this service to build awareness and stir reflection.

In a world where the mass media have all but given up on analysis and perspective, and where ownership has become increasingly concentrated, there are only a few international correspondents left working for a handful of newspapers.

This has forced an almost total dependence on three large press agencies – AP, Reuters and AFP – which all respond to the value system of their own countries. International news coverage is shrinking, and it is easy to observe that the media are now at the service of the system. We believe things could be much better.

Information is a vital element of democracy, and the loss of information is one of the reasons for the decline of politics. The internet has become the source of information that diverges from the commercial mass media, but there is so much information available online that it has become a time-consuming affair just to distinguish what is relevant. And the less one knows about the world, the harder it is to search for information intelligently.

Othernews is a modest proposal to address this issue. We provide two articles a day on global issues, often items that have already been published in other media but always clearly attributed. We aim to provide what readers, by any criteria, need to learn where we are in the world. And let us hope that this will encourage greater participation and therefore reinforce democracy.

At this time it is customary to offer best wishes for the new year. I have taken the initiative to write for you a piece of reflections, on the prospects for 2016 and what will be inherited from 2015. It is a long piece, some 5.000 words. And it will review the most serious problems that the world faces.


All the best for 2016.


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