Shann Turnbull on Establishing Sustainable Units of Value – P2P Foundation

An interesting note on monetary policy in a post growth economy. And another interesting P2P Foundation source ( a Wiki).

“The purpose of this note is to suggest how to connect the value of money to the natural environment to allow both society and the environment to exist together on a symbiotic perpetual basis. This would correct the current problem of modern official money, and the numerous complementary currencies tethered to them, that are not fit for purpose because amongst other reasons their value cannot be specified by any one or more specific quantities of real goods and/or services The value of money has become indefinable, unpredictable and not subject to control by any Nation State. Central banks of each nation try to manipulate its value but are overwhelmed by external factors like their nation’s terms of trade, government policies, international interest rates, currency wars, exchange controls, hedge funds, speculators, market sentiments and unpredictable financial problems.”

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