Geographies of Degrowth – April 5-9 2017, Boston, MA

American Association of Geographers meeting – call for papers

*Organizers: Giorgos Kallis (Autonomous University of Barcelona), Karen Bakker (University of British Columbia), Federico Demaria (Autonomous University of Barcelona)

A movement of activists and intellectuals in France, southern Europe, and beyond has given the name “décroissance”
(degrowth) to its vision for an alternative to capitalist socioecological relations. Degrowth signifies a ruthless critique of the ideology of economic growth and of its material effects, as well as a search for alternatives beyond a ‘one-way future consisting only of growth’ (Le Guin, 1982). Degrowth draws from the postdevelopment and antiutilitarianism literatures, Georgescu-Roegen’s understanding of the economy as an entropic process, and post-Marxist intersections of socialism, anarchism and ecology.

We are particularly interested in papers that address one or more of the following topics (see the indicative list linked here)

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