‘Vivir Bien’: Going beyond capitalism?

To overcome the systemic crisis of humanity and Mother Earth we must turn to indigenous ecological concepts, says Pablo Solón in his new book

Richard Fidler

In his balance sheet of Bolivia’s “process of change,” published recently on Richard’s site, Bolivian intellectual and activist Pablo Solón advanced some proposals for a new course inspired by the ideas of Vivir Bien, a philosophy associated with the indigenous peoples of the Andean countries of South America. In a book published in August, Solón elaborates on these ideas in presenting what he terms a “systemic alternative,” one of many on offer today, he says, such as ecosocialism, degrowth, ecofeminism, etc.

Richard Fidler’s introduction to and an English translation of the book is posted at the link below and a 30 page pdf version of the English translation is available here.


A pdf of the Spanish original can be found here.

See also my December 2011 Development article “Pachacuti: Indigenous perspectives, buen vivir, sumaq kawsay and degrowth”

My earlier version of this (pdf) was presented as a paper at the Second International Degrowth Conference in March 2010 in Barcelona

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