(Re)Inventing The Future with Nick Srnicek | P2P Foundation

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by Stacco Troncoso

We continue the conversation on Universal Basic Income, this time with Demand the Future co-author Nick Srnicek. For more P2P-perspectives on Srnicek’s work, accelerationism and Demand the Future, please follow this link. Originally published in the From Alpha to Omega podcast.

In the interview we cover the first half of the book, which takes a critical look at the functioning of the political left today, and a deep look at the history, strategy and tactics of the neoliberals as a counterpoint. I hope to have Alex back on the show in the near future to discuss the second half of the book, which is much less critique and more ‘what is to be done’. Us leftie’s need to get beyond critique, and that includes this show.

You can find Nick and Alex’s book here: http://www.versobooks.com/books/1989-inventing-the-future


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