Special issue on Degrowth at the Journal of Political Ecology

Volume 24 (2017) of the JPE has a special section of 15 articles (#s 23 to 37 of 38) on “Degrowth, Culture and Power” edited by Lisa L. Gezon and Susan Paulson

Below are the links to a PDF of each article on the Journal’s web site. I have also created a page with the abstracts of each article for those of you who want to pick and choose from amongst this treasure of good materials.

  1. Susan Paulson. Degrowth: culture, power and change. JPE 24: 425-448. PDF Abstract
  2. Robin M. LeBlanc. Designing a beautifully poor public: postgrowth community in Italy & Japan. JPE 24: 449-461. PDF Abstract
  3. Eric Hirsch. The unit of resilience: unbeckoned degrowth and the politics of (post)development in Peru and the Maldives. JPE 24: 462-475. PDF Abstract
  4. Ritu Verma. Gross National Happiness in Bhutan: meaning, measure and degrowth in a living development alternative. JPE 24: 476-490. PDF Abstract
  5. Jonathan Otto. Finding common ground: exploring synergies between degrowth and environmental justice in Chiapas, Mexico. JPE 24: 491-503. PDF Abstract
  6. Ragnheiður Bogadóttir and Elisabeth Skarðhamar Olsen. Making degrowth locally meaningful: the case of the Faroese grindadráp. JPE 24: 504-518. PDF Abstract
  7. Joshua Lockyer. Community, commons, and degrowth at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. JPE 24: 519-542. PDF Abstract
  8. Amy Cox Hall. Neo-monastics in North Carolina, de-growth and a theology of enough. JPE 24: 543-565. PDF Abstract
  9. Eeva Berglund. Steering clear of politics: local virtues in Helsinki’s design activism. JPE 24: 566-581. PDF Abstract
  10. Lisa L. Gezon. Beyond (anti)utilitarianism: khat & alternatives to growth in northern Madagascar. JPE 24: 582-594. PDF Abstract
  11. Emma McGuirk. Timebanking in New Zealand as a prefigurative strategy within a wider degrowth movement. JPE 24: 595-609. PDF Abstract
  12. Ulrich Demmer and Agata Hummel. Degrowth, anthropology, and activist research: the ontological politics of science. JPE 24: 610-622. PDF Abstract
  13. Alf Hornborg. How to turn an ocean liner: a proposal for voluntary degrowth by redesigning money for sustainability, justice, & resilience. JPE 24: 623-632. PDF Abstract
  14. Karen Foster. Work ethic and degrowth in a changing Atlantic Canada. JPE 24: 633-643. PDF Abstract
  15. Jonathan DeVore. Trees and springs as social property: a perspective on degrowth and redistributive democracy from a Brazilian squatter community. JPE 24: 644-666. PDF Abstract
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