Statement by Research & Degrowth on the current political situation in Catalonia – Research & Degrowth (R&D)

Having the epicenter of Research & Degrowth (R&D) in Barcelona, we feel the need not to remain silent about the events that we are living in Catalonia.

Aware of the complexities, subtleties and deep historical roots of Catalan independentism and republicanism, which make any simple interpretation misleading, our positions on this issue are diverse and evolving.

We all desire a Republic, for Catalonia or for Spain and for any other country.

We reject the violence of Spanish authorities, limitations to the rights of expression and the right to assembly, repression of direct democracy, and imprisonments for political reasons.

We are against the imminent shutdown of all mechanisms of democratic decision operating at Catalan level, either direct or representative.

We also encourage our friends everywhere to learn about the various faces of this conflict and to foster international mediation for a peaceful, open-minded and empathic solution.

Research & Degrowth


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