Friends of the Earth Europe’s new publication on Sufficiency

Dear degrowthers,

Friends of the Earth Europe has just published the booklet “Sufficiency: Moving beyond the gospel of eco-efficiency“, suggesting how policy makers can put an intelligent restraint on economic growth and consumption.

In this booklet we suggest introducing hard limitations to unsustainable trends—in particular to overconsumption—and putting emphasis on distributional justice. Seven chapters written by sustainability and economics experts plus a foreword by Janez Potočnik (Co-chair of the International Resource Panel and former European Commissioner for the Environment) shed light on different angles of sufficiency and formulate concrete recommendations to EU policy makers. The booklet ends with a discussion of several eco-social policies that can start the transition towards an “economics of enough”.

The topic hasn’t made it to mainstream yet – but it should!

So any help is appreciated to promote this little gem which is compiling approaches by experts of different domains.

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