Celebrate Global Degrowth Day – A Good Life For All

Together we say no to the alleged lack of alternatives. We want to show concrete scope for action and alternatives to the capitalist growth society, because a good life for all is possible!

Organize a picnic On June 1 2019 and talk about a “good life for all” – change often starts with a relaxed chat around good food. Of course, other forms are possible: be it a public debate with degrowth activists, a bicycle tour to a local CSA farm (Community Supported Agriculture), a visit to the next Repair Café, a lecture, a flashmob, an information booth, a small festival, a demonstration in front of a coal power plant… you can decide! But we recommend to have during, before or after the event, a convivial part, where people can interact and share food/drinks together.

Checkout this web site for ideas, posters, tips, resources, etc. and register your event.


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