Prospective future of platform cooperatives: my takeaways from Reshaping Work Barcelona 2019 | P2P Foundation

An interesting review of research on “platform coops” in Europe. Quite focused on this very specific alternative form of organizing cooperative work as part of the P2P approach to the transition to the commons, it’s an example of this discourse in Europe that I haven’t seen in the Green New Deal “discourse” in North America. For more P2P material, just search for “P2P” in the search box above.

An introductory snip below

By Antonio Blanco-Gracia

comparing four case studies of platform cooperatives across four different industries: Wehelpen (care), Partago (car rental), Stocksy (stock photography), and Fairbnb (vacation rentals). Wehelpen and Partago look for “local” network effects (market segments); Stocksy and Fairbnb look for “global” network effects (entire market).

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