The Official Story of the Coronavirus Hides a Systemic Crisis

A good overview of the political, economic and ecological elements of the pandemic.
PUBLIC GOODS • March 28, 2020

Without a doubt, it is a serious health problem, but not the most important one, and perhaps not even the most urgent… Let us think that on average more than 1,100 people die every day in Spain from very different causes, and that the common flu causes between 6,000 and 15,000 deaths annually in Spain… This does not mean that the coronavirus is not a relevant or even worrying health issue…. Globalization has transformed the relationship between humans and viruses where the local is global and the global is local. Moreover, many countries do not have effective public health systems which can face the challenges that arise, nor is there an appropriate global public health system…

But if the public health problem is not necessarily as extremely alarming as is typically presented in the media, why then has this epidemic been treated as a problem that deserves almost exclusive attention and with real-time monitoring? The reason is that COVID-19 is not only a global health problem, but is also a problem with interconnected facets of an economic, ecological and social nature, making it a systemic and political problem on which it is necessary to reflect.

Originally published in Spanish at ctxt (March 10th, 2020).

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1 Response to The Official Story of the Coronavirus Hides a Systemic Crisis

  1. Eric says:

    Bob, this article is the most focused thought I have seen on the real challenges that the c19 virus has exposed to humanity. Thanks for this,
    Eric and Rosemary Langshaw

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