Degrowth: New Roots for the Economy – join the discussion

Dear degrowth community, friends & allies,

We are writing to share with you our efforts over the last weeks to respond collectively to the COVID-19 crisis. Given the current situation, we decided to write an open letter from a degrowth perspective presenting five principles to address the crisis in a socially and ecologically just way. Thus, we are asking you to support us in this timely intervention to shape the corona crisis discourse and ambitiously re-imagine our collective future.

Please find our open letter here. If you agree with the key demands, and want to show your support publicly, sign this form and share it with friends & allies. The collection of signatures will end on Friday May 1st at 20:00 CEST (14:00 EDT). We welcome the signatures of individuals & organizations. We will share the open letter with the press, so time is of the essence!

To get involved in translation support, press work and next-steps, please email us at

In solidarity,

The open letter working group on Corona & Degrowth

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2 Responses to Degrowth: New Roots for the Economy – join the discussion

  1. Eric Langshaw says:

    Bob We find much of the degrowth philosophy very appealing and much in line with our own thinking. However, we have 1 problem with much of it and that is its apparent lack of serious tie-in to the current environmental crises that we have created on this planet. To that end, we appreciate your posting the George Monbiot article. Until such time as the degrowth movement embraces the issues of global overpopulation, climate change and loss of biodiversity, they are building a new philosophy on the back of our very broken current systems. Any new economy must embrace the globe as the sphere that sustains us. We see very little in the current degrowth philosophy that recognizes our planet for anything more than resources to be exploited – which is likely the single deepest failing in our current economy.

    The degrowth letter which you just circulated was interesting but made no direct reference to environmental exploitation. We would like to encourage you to post more material from George Monbiot and similar thinkers and to continue to raise the subject of the environmental well being in conjunction with degrowth.

    Hope you are keeping well. We never did get a chance to visit you in Ottawa. We ended up just doing a whirlwind visit to see our son who ended up not staying in Ottawa

    Yours, Eric Langshaw and Rosemary Power 403-707-6117 Canmore, Ab.

    • Bob Thomson says:

      I’ll try to find some material which shows that convivial degrowth is about much more than resources.

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