Constructive criticism of degrowth is NOT support for growth: a response to Forbes – Research and Degrowth (R&D)

In a recent article for Forbes, Corbin K Barthold makes several allegations against the idea of degrowth without having a clear understanding of the concept. He also includes some quotations – originally reported in a different article (by Aaron Timms) – from a vibrant classroom discussion which took place at the 2019 Degrowth Summer School hosted by the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (ICTA-UAB). Barthold presents the quotes completely out of context in order to support his own argument for growth-led economic thinking. Furthermore, he proves that his understanding of degrowth is not only limited, but deeply flawed, as he labels proponents of degrowth as “reactionaries” and “religious fanatics in a post-religious world”. As students of the Degrowth Summer School, and particularly as people living and studying in the Global South, we feel it is extremely important to clarify this wrongful representation of degrowth and our quotations. We want to correct this dishonest representation of our critical perspectives on degrowth, weaponized to serve the predefined agenda of a pro-growth thinker.

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