Announcement: The Great Degrowth Debate (16 Nov YouTube) 19:00 CET 13:00 EST

From the UK Degrowth Summer School

Dear all, hope this email finds you well, and sorry for cross-posting.

We thought you might be interested in joining us for a live debate on Monday 16th of November at 19.00 CET (Paris/Rome/Berlin) with the authors and editors of three major Degrowth works published in 2020: Degrowth in Movement(s), Exploring Degrowth and The Case for Degrowth.

We will discuss the contents (policies, strategies, dilemmas), differences and similarities of the three books with Giacomo D’Alisa, Vincent Liegey, Susan Paulson, Matthias Schmelzer and Nina Treu.

Whether you’re interested in the latest ideas and strategies of the Degrowth movement(s), or new to the project, this event is for you!
To watch the debate and get involved in the chat and questions to the authors, head over to this YouTube livestream.
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See you there,
The Degrowth Talks Team

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