Investigative documentary sheds a light on the World Bank’s role in helping ExxonMobil exploit one of the biggest fossil fuel discoveries of our time.

Berlin, Washington D.C. | October 16th 2020

As the World Bank conducts its Annual Meeting, an investigative documentary sheds a light on the Bank’s role in helping ExxonMobil exploit one of the biggest fossil fuel discoveries of our time.

content note: Alison Redford, the disgraced Premier of the
Canadian oil sands province of Alberta, was paid in August
2020 by the Canadian High Commission in Georgetown Guyana to
provide advice to the Government of Guyana concerning the
proposal by Exxon-Mobil. Exxon-Mobil owns 60.9% of Imperial
Oil of Canada, which has contributed regularly to the
Progressive Conservative party of Alberta for which Alison
Redford was a Member of the Legislative Assembly.  There
would appear to be a conflict of interest in the hiring,
with Canadian taxpayers’ funds, of a politician who has
benefited from political party donations from the company
she was hired to evaluate. ]

120 miles off the coast of Guyana lies one of the largest crude discoveries in recent history: 13.6 billion barrels of oil and 32 trillion cubic feet of natural gas are the current estimate for known reserves in the entire offshore basin. ExxonMobil is the leading fossil fuel company in this massive drilling program, which has benefited from Guyana receiving considerable budget support and technical assistance from the World Bank. Together, BigOil and the World Bank Group risk turning Guyana into the world’s latest victim of the oil curse, further fuelling the global climate crisis.

After months of research, interviews with experts and a fact finding mission completed just before the global pandemic, the documentary “Carbon Bomb” now premieres on YouTube. The film sheds a light on how public finance can be used to help ailing oil giants exploit a country’s resources under the guise of public assistance.

Watch the full documentary here:

For questions about the film or introductions to any of the protagonists and experts, please contact the Film’s Director:
Shane Thomas McMillan, Independent Filmmaker
shanethomasmcmillan –

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