One year on, no lessons learnt? – Vikalp Sangam

A very good critique of “development” in India

This is a Longer version of the recently published article Are we listening to the lessons taught in the first year of Covid-19?

Local self-reliance for basic needs, and localized exchanges of products and services, are far more effective in securing people’s lives than are long-distance markets and employment opportunities. In the nearly 75 years since Independence, we could have geared economic policies that facilitated and encouraged such self-reliance. Rather than incentivize big industry to take over most production, virtually all household goods and needs – soaps, footwear, furniture, utensils, clothes, energy, even housing, and of course food and drinks – could have been produced in a decentralized manner by thousands of communities.

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1 Response to One year on, no lessons learnt? – Vikalp Sangam

  1. Harry Oussoren says:

    Thanks, Bob. Lots to think about in this piece about “development” in India and in too many other places. Corporate power is growing and we are not blessed by it. I’m reading Wendell Berry these days and his association of land and human well-being is important and the complement to what Vikalp Sangam is writing fro Indian experience. Cheers, Harry Oussoren

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