Debating degrowth:Be Careful What Energy You Wish For

[This is the second part of an exchange between Robert Pollin and Don Fitz for
ZNet. The first portion consisted of two articles by Pollin which originally appeared in Truthout here and here. The third portion will be a short rejoinder by Pollin to this article. The final portion will be a short closing statement by Fitz.]

Climate change is an existential problem confronting humanity and Robert Pollin offers well thought-out plans in his first and second articles. There is only space here to respond to these themes: (1) We can reach zero CO2 emissions by 2050; (2) An enormous expansion of alternative energy (AltE) can create far more jobs than would be lost by eliminating fossil fuels (FF); and (3) Without stating so explicitly, he implies that negative aspects of AltE would be tiny.

[Thanks to Roger Annis for this link.]

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