Genuine Progress Index (GPI): A Better Way to Guide Our World

From: Mike Nickerson <Sustain5>
Sun., 19 Jun. 2022 5:12
Subject: GPI; A Better Way to Guide Our World

In a recent talk, Ron Colman made the case for using a spectrum of social, environmental and economic indicators to guide society through these challenging times.

It is absurd to add the costs of weather related disasters to GDP and think we are better off, while that same GDP measure completely ignores pollution, the depletion of natural resources, inequality and the work of raising families. A Genuine Progress Index (GPI) reveals much more.

With moving clarity, Colman explained why, when assessing how society is doing, we need to track emerging problems and opportunities as well as ongoing volumes of production and consumption.

Dr. Colman’s talk, and the discussion following, are at:

I highly recommend that you watch this video. We may yet elect to open our eyes to the circumstances surrounding us. It would greatly enhance our future prospects.

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