Guardian: How the gas industry capitalized on the Ukraine war to change Biden policy

The Russian tanks and armored vehicles had barely begun to roll into Ukraine before the fossil fuel industry in the US had swung into action. A letter was swiftly dispatched to the White House, urging an immediate escalation in gas production and exports to Europe ahead of an anticipated energy crunch….

Six months on from the letter, Russia’s invasion has stalled and in places retreated, but the US gas industry has achieved almost all of its initial objectives. Within weeks, Joe Biden’s administration adopted the gas industry’s major demands as policy. They paved the way for new pipelines and export facilities, established a new taskforce to boost gas exports to Europe and approved $300m in funding to help build out gas infrastructure on the continent.

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1 Response to Guardian: How the gas industry capitalized on the Ukraine war to change Biden policy

  1. Cymry Gomery says:

    The U.S. gas industry is expanding now that the Russia-Ukraine war has cut off Russian gas supplies to Europe.

    The same gas industry expansion is happening in Canada, where the Coastal Gaslink (CGL) pipeline is going ahead full force, and no one seems to be listening to the Wet’suwet’en who are trying to protect their land and waters from being defiled, and protect all of us from the emissions that come from gas production and export. This is a key and complex intersectional issue—the intersecting issues being human rights of Indigenous peoples, the rights of nature, climate change, and militarism.

    Cym Gomery
    Montreal for a World BEYOND War

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