New York Times highlights degrowth

Lately, one word has cropped up again and again in conversations about fashion and climate change: degrowth.

Why Does Fashion Love This Radical Anticapitalist Concept? “Degrowth” has been the buzzword of sustainable fashion conversations in 2022. But is it a realistic goal when the fashion industry only seems to be getting bigger?

What does it mean? Jason Hickel, an economic anthropologist and proponent of the movement, has written that degrowth “is a planned reduction of energy and resource use designed to bring the economy back into balance with the living world in a way that reduces inequality and improves human well-being.”

The term, coined in 1972 by the French political theorist André Gorz, is becoming more common as consumers become more aware of catastrophic levels of global warming.

Degrowth is popping up on the bookshelves of Tokyo, where Kohei Saito, the philosopher, has published “Capital in the Anthropocene,” a popular book on the subject. In the debating parlors of London, the How to Academy is presenting events like “The Pursuit of Growth Is a Disaster for Our Country and Our Planet,” and degrowth shows up on TikTok too, through quirkily edited explanations that appeal to Gen Z.

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