Degrowth groups across Canada are growing

I have recently been in touch with groups and people in Ottawa, Toronto and Calgary who are organizing local (and national?) groups, events and activities around degrowth/post-growth.

I would encourage subscribers to the web site of Degrowth Canada to get in touch with them if you are interested in participating in this “growth” of degrowth in Canada.



Hello and welcome from the Degrowth Collective.

We are a grassroots group formed just some weeks ago in Toronto. We advocate for DEGROWTH, against capitalism, and for the wellbeing economy. We are a growing community made up of folks across Canada and elsewhere (20 Signal group chat members and 24 mailing list subscribers). We connect and meet online, have formed a local group in Toronto and are connected with the Snails Collective local group based in Ottawa, both of which gather regularly in person. We aim to support local groups across Canada and elsewhere as well as provide a community at large for anyone who would like to join.

You can learn more about us and join via the links below. Thank you and hope to meet you soon!

Google form to join our mailing list

Connect with us:

Instagram @degrowthcollective

Twitter @degrowthco





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