Dear degrowth community – from

We are writing with exciting news that has been in the making for the last 12 months. As the webteam, who collectively manage the website and its associated activities, we have been holding long running conversations about our purpose and the future of our group.

How will this evolution of our identity change our activities in concrete terms? Here are a few initial points: (i) we will more proactively elevate the voices we believe need to be heard within the degrowth movement, not only reproducing those voices that are already speaking loudest; (ii) we will build on our existing engagement with the organization of the degrowth movement at the international level, and importantly (iii) we will use our blog and this newsletter to not only summarize the latest happenings in the degrowth community but also carve out our own distinct editorial stance on these developments. A first example is the piece we wrote providing a degrowth perspective on the COVID-19 pandemic, or the book chapter in Degrowth & Strategy, “Degrowth actors and their strategies: towards a degrowth international

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